The Recursive Anti-Logic of Life

We live in a strange world. One where you do exams to gain entry into new you can go there and sit more exams. You pay for uni to get a job just to then get a job...which you use to pay for uni!

If you want to gain some experience then there are plenty of opportunities in life...provided you have adequate existing experience.

You can't be happy now because you're busy working hard to in ensure you have everything you need in the make you happy?

When did we design a society with so much redundancy, repeating the same old shit over and over to reach ever-moving targets?

It's important not to be short-sighted and always seek instant gratification for everything, but you also have to remember that your time is finite and sometimes you should just seize the moment and enjoy the present.

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  • Mark White says:

    2 years ago

    Sad but true. Interesting thoughts here dude. Maybe one day a proper work-life balance can be established where people are properly rewarded for their efforts and are able to enjoy each day to the full.
    • Charlie Callow says:

      2 years ago

      Thanks Mark. Yes, hopefully one day things will be better balanced than they are today. Some things will take a lot of time to change as they are the result of long-established societal structures. However, a lot can be improved just through slight changes to our own outlook and mindset.
  • Jonas Drotleff says:

    2 years ago

    Very great and short story, was a pleasure to read. "When did we design a society with so much redundancy, repeating the same old shit over and over to reach ever-moving targets?" - I don't know how but I think it is a natural process that happened over time in an overpopulated society with surreal problems that should not have become problems at all. We all share different values, the core may be the same. This makes living together difficult and working have became a obligation that isn't done for the society anymore but done by everyone for themselves.
    • Charlie Callow says:

      2 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it! I totally agree with what you've said. Although I think another big factor is man's adversity to change. As a society we grow and evolve over time for sure but we are often scared or against any kind of radical shake-up in the way we do things. Consequently, even when we discover issues with the given path we have chosen, we're not always brave enough to change it. Over time this leads to the creation of a society which is not really fit for purpose or well-serving of anyone.
  • Kellyann says:

    2 years ago

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