Microsoft Adds LINUX to Windows 10!

So it looks like even Microsoft has come to the realisation that Windows 10 is complete turd and so they've partnered with Ubuntu developer Canonical to bring parts of Linux to Windows 10 (without virtualisation).

Basically Microsoft and Canonical have made an Ubuntu userspace with BASH...for Windows. I think nixCraft described the situation it rather well:

Reporter: Can you tell us about new innovation and improvement in Windows 10? Microsoft: Our latest improvement to Windows 10 is... adding Linux. LOL.

Posted by nixCraft onĀ Wednesday, 30 March 2016

This slightly bizarre announcement from Redmond is just the latest in a line of moves to bring them closer to the open source world. I am not sure how to feel about this at the moment. Could this be beneficial to us all or could it just be another move under the old Micro$oft "embrace, extend, extinguish" strategy. Hmm, food for thought!

Source: Dustin Kirkland

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