Read Every Day as if It Were April Fools

As you will undoubtedly have noticed, we've just had the annual "April Fools Day". On this day, most of what you read from the news will be full of lies and deception. This is much like every other day of the year, only today they'll actually have the decency to be transparent about it!

Assuming that the news of today is candid and unbiased is not harmlessly naive, but actually quite often dangerous. People should really read the news every day with the same cynicism as they do on the 1st of April. That way it will be much harder to fall for the lies and nonsense we are served up daily by government and the media.

I am not suggesting that one should be inherently distrusting, nor am I encouraging the creation of convoluted conspiracy theories and stubbornly refusing to accept the truth. However, I do think it would not hurt us as a society to critically evaluate the information we are fed each day as we do so on this one, a day upon which we know that we are likely to be misled.

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  • Christopher Ledbetter says:

    4 years ago

    A fantastic article and so very true! Too many people blindly believe total crap that they read in the papers and see on the TV.

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